Top 10 tricks Smoothie for a perfect smoothie

There’s nothing better than having a good cold Smoothie for breakfast or after a hard workout. As we have taught you, I am not very difficult to prepare, but we still want to show you this Top 10 Smoothie Tricks so that you get those results so rich Shakeology.

TOP 10 Cheats Smoothie


  1. Freeze your Smoothies

If you do not have a second to lose during the week, do not worry, save time preparing different Smoothies over the weekend. You can freeze the fruits you are going to use or create your fruit and vegetable combinations (your final Smoothie) freeze them in various muffin molds or plastic bags. During the week, introduce those blocks in the Smoothie Maker blender, beat them, and you’ll have a delicious ultra-cold Smoothie in a few seconds.


  1. Have Bananas always available.

If you have several ripe bananas and you do not know what to do with them, it is very simple, peel them and cut them into slices. Then, put them in a freezer bag and direct them to the freezer. They are perfect to complete any Smoothie, and give it a little body.


  1. Love the Green

If you are one of those who cost to eat vegetables, no problem, we have another perfect trick for you. Grind spinach or broccoli in the blender and follow the recipe for Green Smoothie. Orange, banana or even apple combine phenomenally with vegetables, since they neutralize their bitter taste so you will not even realize that you are eating them. (Extra trick: If it still costs you, add a little honey).


  1. Charge it with Protein

If you need to be on top or recover from a very hard work out, and you want your Smoothie to provide everything your body needs, do not hesitate to add Protein Powder  to the mix thus creating a Protein Smoothie . If you do not have it, peanut butter is an ideal and very rich alternative.


  1. Make it more powerful

If you want your Smoothie to fill you more and also give you more protein, add raw or cooked oatmeal flakes. From here we recommend you first grind the oatmeal in your blender and thus get oatmeal, which will hardly change the texture of your Smoothie.


  1. Are you lactose intolerant?

If you are intolerant to lactose, do not worry, we have alternatives for you so you can still enjoy your favorite Smoothies. Add avocado to your mix and you’ll get that creamy texture. (Extra trick: La Goma Xantana is also another good alternative)


  1. Protect the blades of your Smoothie Maker

Adding the products in the right order will help you protect your glass blender so that it lasts longer. Always try to add the liquid ingredients in the base, then the vegetables and finally the ice on the top. This will help to lubricate the blades and cut harder the harder products.


  1. Say NO to excess fluid

If you are improvising a new Smoothie without following any specific recipe, be careful with the quantities. Start by throwing fewer amounts of liquid ingredients such as milk or water. It will always be easier to correct the texture, adding a little liquid at the end.


  1. Take advantage of the surplus

If you have left over Smoothie, do not worry, you can always make ice cream. Introduce the mixture in ice cream containers (Popsicles), stick a stick and put them in the freezer. It is ideal for children!


  1. Do it without hurry

Another trick to extend the life of your Smoothie Maker is to start beating at a low speed and gradually increase as needed. So you will also have more control over the texture of the Smoothie, and it will be easier to achieve the ideal.