Superfoods: What they are, what they are for and how to use them

Superfoods over here, superfoods over there … what if chia seeds, goji berries … but what are these superfoods really?

The name that has been put to them, despite not being scientific, is not entirely incorrect. These are certain foods that despite having no medicinal properties do have a higher nutritional value than other foods Amazing Grass.

Reading out there seems to be that doctors and expert nutritionists are not too friends with this term and its recent popularity, and is that in fact the most important thing of a balanced diet is to eat varied and in the right amounts. But hey, what I always think is that this growing popularity of healthy foods, active life etc. It’s not a bad thing, but all the marketing around it is a good thing if it ultimately leads us to eat better, be healthier and in the end happier that is what matters.

So what I have concluded is that superfoods are the nutritional supplements of nature. Who has not gone to the pharmacy to buy vitamins during exams or stress…? Well, better to add to our daily diet natural foods that give us more strength and prevent instead of curing, right?

I am very to try new things and I have to admit that whenever I listen or read about a new superfood and its price is not exorbitant I throw myself to try it. This has led me to breakfast much better. I add to my cereal bowls all kinds of seeds, berries, natural cocoa … and I stay full until lunchtime! So good, whether or not it is a term invented by the marketing departments to sell products, that these are the fashions and not things that harm us 🙂

I leave here a list of those that I have tried and I usually keep in my pantry.

Most popular superfoods and how to consume them:

Goji Berries

Goji berries have lots of vitamin C and are sold as is, dehydrated. They have a chewy texture, but sweet and very rich. They can be taken alone as a snack, in the same way that many people eat raisins or dehydrated cranberries, although I like to add them to my breakfast bowl.

Natural cocoa nuggets (or raw cocoa)

Pure cocoa regulates blood pressure and contains a lot of antioxidants. It is important not only that it does not contain added sugars but that it is not processed either, since they lose 90% of the antioxidants. You can buy it in powder, in pips or I’ve even seen the whole cocoa beans to grind at home. The flavor is intense so you have to be careful because if we use the same measures as when we served Colacao you will know us super strong.


Chia seeds

Chia seeds I love because they can be thrown at anything and are very easy to take. They know absolutely nothing but they are a very good binder, this means that it is super easy to make puddings with them.

What you see in the photo, at the top, is simply chia seeds and milk. Chia seeds become gelatinous in contact with liquids. They contain a lot of fiber, omega 3 acids and calcium. They can also be put in salads or used like any other nut in our breakfast cereal bowls.

Grains such as quinoa and other cereals such as spelled or buckwheat

I am not going to go too deep into the different types of cereals and grains but I do mention that this “fashion” of the superfoods I love in particular because you are losing your fear of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are NOT bad, and they are VERY necessary in a balanced diet. What happens is that the carbohydrates of Doritos are not the same as those that can give you grains like cinchona. All these grains and cereals give a lot of play in the kitchen, and mixed with vegetables, tofu or even fruit sometimes delicious and easy dishes.

Wheat grass (or wheatgrass)

I love this powder and I always use it in green smoothies because it enhances the “green” flavor without knowing too much about vegetables. It has a lot of vitamins, especially A, B and C. It also has calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, and also a lot of protein, 20%.

I want to try it in a bowl of smoothie and mix it with yogurt to see how it is, but for the moment where I recommend it in green smoothies. You put what you put you can add a teaspoon of wheat grass powder as extra, to enhance the flavor.



Açaí is a berry native to South America. The best known marketing format is powder; although the natural berry is also sold (I have never seen it). It has high levels of antioxidants and is said to help with weight loss and has anti-aging properties.

These types of powders are ideal for smoothies or smoothie’s bowls, but it is important that they mix very well so it is advisable to use a blender.

It has a special flavor that I could not describe, perhaps fruity, like the aronia berries. They give color and flavor to our recipes so we do not have to go through the quantities either, as you can know very concentrated. For example, for a bowl of cereals it is advisable to put a teaspoon of tea, no more.