Ten tips to quickly sell your home

It’s no secret that selling your home can sometimes take a long time. However, some tips and tricks can speed up the process. A small, non-exhaustive list of simple advice that can make life easier for homeowners Houston house buyers.

In the real estate sector, the first impression is always the right one. The buyer will be seduced directly or will not be. Before placing an ad, you must put all the odds on his side by presenting his home in its best light. Let’s review some basic tips, simple to implement and inexpensive, that can sometimes make all the difference.

  1. The right price. First step: the estimate. Homeowners tend to overestimate the value of their homes, hoping to reap the maximum benefit. But an inadequate price / quality ratio makes the amateur run away. “Because of the high amount, we lose two thirds of prospects,” says Evelyne Gielen, manager of the agency M2 in Brussels. You have to adjust your price to the market. And do not be too greedy. “


  1. Sweeps. This may seem obvious, but many neglect this step: deep cleaning. Not to mention the storage. By dint of letting his things drag on, they are no longer noticed … But the visitor will see them. It is also better to stalk the smells (cigarettes, animals, cooking …).


  1. Tinker more to earn more. A defective bulb, a flowing faucet? These details can give a negative image. “Repair does not have to be expensive,” says Sabine de Moerloose, Home-Staging Deco. We can also consider the repair of a damaged floor, the revision of the electricity or the replacement of chassis. Everything depends on the budget. The dwelling, on the other hand, comes out with a certain surplus value.


  1. Nothing to hide. In an ad, the more photos, the better! Otherwise, the buyer will imagine that we try to hide the defects. The pictures must be well framed and of good quality. The first image is often that of the facade. “It’s interesting for mansions, not necessarily for buildings,” continues Sabine de Moerloose. Sometimes, it is wiser to highlight the living room. “


  1. Treat your entry. “The crush takes place in the first 90 seconds,” says Fabienne Caulier of Illico Home Staging. Hence the need to properly develop the first rooms. »Beginning with the frontage (maintained garden, cut hedges …), the entrance hall and the living room.


  1. Depersonalize Specialists repeat it: all personal effects must be removed. Family photos, children’s drawings, trophies, invoices, etc. “First, it distracts the visitor,” says Sabine de Moerloose. Then it can make him uncomfortable. For example, a family portrait displayed, while a couple cannot have children. “


  1. Unclogging. A simple change of furniture layout can give a totally different look to a room. It is sometimes useful to get rid of a bulky cabinet or any superfluous element, to give an impression of space.


  1. Harmonize. To arouse the crush, nothing likes creating an atmosphere. Look after the decor, light a few candles, repaint the walls. “The cold colors will make the place visually bigger and more chic,” says Fabienne Caulier. Objective: to make the place please a majority of people.


  1. When spring returns. In the real estate sector, winter is often considered a slack period. Not easy to visit a house when it is dark at 5 pm Buyers will move less readily in the low season. Selling your house in the spring or summer can increase your chances of success.


  1. Hold your tongue. During the visit, avoid doing too much. “It gives the impression that you are going over,” says Evelyne Gielen. Also, never reveal the price we hope to obtain. Finally, we must not systematically refuse the first offers, under the pretext that we can always hope better: they are often the best.