Sports Betting in Australia

Once upon a time sports betting was done behind locked doors and it was conducted by unpleasant, unruly elements that would be sure to rob you if you are not careful.

It was thought to be a criminal offence and it was mostly the criminals who ran the betting. They were called bookies, and they often operated from the back room of the grocers. All you had to do to book a bet was to place a call to the bookie. Nevertheless, the Australian love for betting has made it legal these days.

You can also find government agencies that double as betting centers. Unlike America, where you can bet online only in a few states, Australia has been betting spread in every nook and corner.

Betting is rampant on various games, the most important of all being the Melbourne Cup which is one of the biggest events and attracts the most number of punters, who still increase year by year. Following this is the Spring Racing carnival after which you have the Australian Football League and the National Rugby league.

Everyone loves to bet, but where do you bet slot soto88. There are umpteen numbers of places that allow you to place your bet. However, what you need is a place where you can place your bet and remain confident that you will get your money back if you win.

Online betting is also very famous in Australia. You can find online poker and also online casinos.

Here are some of the big betting houses that are reputed and where you can be sure to get your money.

Tab Sportsbet: The government once owned this agency but sold it about 20 years ago to a private organization. All the major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane have retailed outlets on a vast scale. However, the other cities also have retailed outlets on a less footing. You can place your bet here for all sporting events directly. They also provide you with online betting.

Sportsbet: It is Australia’s fastest growing sports betting agency. They are well marketed on the TV and the Internet, and attract thousands of clients every year.

Centrebet: Like Sportsbet they also have a great marketing infrastructure. Their social media coverage attracts huge crowds. They also have free betting and free give always.

Sports betting: It s one of the world’s biggest betting centre with outlets in both Australia and The United Kingdom.

If you stay with the big betting houses you can be sure that you will get your money. There are small agencies without a reputation, who are likely to offer you better odds, but are likely to cheat you of your money or disappear altogether when they owe you money. Therefore it is best to choose the big ones and be sure that you get your money.

The government of Australia also passed the Interactive Gambling Act in 2001. The helps protect Australians from the bad effects of gambling. The offense is applicable to all whether they are in Australia or based offshore.

Gambling in Australia is considered a sport, so, if in you are in Australia go ahead and enjoy your gambling. However, be sure to try your luck only through the big betting agencies to avoid any risk of money loss.

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