XL Beds – The solution for small spaces

Perhaps you’re the parent of a tall teen or are an adult who finds twin and full size beds too short but the only thing that fits into your bedroom which may be a long room but perhaps not as wide limiting your choices on beds. There is a fantastic alternative that will allow you to keep the smaller width but give you the length of queen and king beds, they’re called xl beds best luxury beds natural Singapore.

Many of the homes we live in today have several bedrooms and these rooms are often long but narrow which keeps us from using wider beds. The issue that may come up however is the individual using that room be it guests, teens or young adults who are tall may have problems using twin or full size beds in this space which only offer 75” of length to the person sleeping on them. There’s a solution that won’t impact the size of the room and can offer relief to taller individuals… they’re called XL beds.

XL or extra long beds as they are also referred to are beds that extend the length of standard size beds. Twin xl beds take the standard dimensions of a twin bed which is 39” x 75” and extend the length of the mattress to 80” long. This may not seem like much but it’s actually the difference between sleeping someone 6’ 3” to sleeping someone 6’ 8” in height.Besides twin xl beds there are also full xl beds available. These extra long beds also extend the length of a standard full size bed which is normally 54” x 75” and extends it to be 80” long. The same advantages apply for a full extra long just as they do for a twin extra long in that this size can sleep taller individuals more easily than a standard bed.

The XL option in a full is a little harder to find in sheets and bed frames than its twin xl counterpart but these are available and help provide more width without being too large width wise like a queen or king bed.What is interesting to note is that it seems easier for mattress manufacturers to offer extra long mattresses than it is to find bed frame manufacturers who offer xl bed frames. It’s also interesting that these sizes considered custom so many years ago are available through many mainstream stores now in the way of mattress sets that can be made twin xl or full xl.

Sheets and bedding are also getting easier to find for these sizes in many departments stores and mass merchants. The difficulty actually lies in finding manufacturers of the bed frames who make this size to the extra long beds xl specs. Many of the manufacturers may find it difficult to custom spec out the correct width bed supports to be used with the side rails being incorporated into these longer beds and since it isn’t a size that is sold in the majority it may be more expensive to make these to order rather than mass producing the more common sizes.

Whatever the case there are manufacturers who custom build beds to your own specs and these manufacturers will offer beds made in twin xl and full xl. In this article we explored solutions for smaller rooms that must accommodate taller teens or adults. Instead of using twin or full size beds I suggested to try xl beds like twin xl or full xl beds. These beds use up the same amount space width wise and are longer measuring 6’ 8” long.
These are a great solution in size and are becoming easier to find in terms of the mattress and bedding. Extra long frames are also available through manufacturers who can custom make these sizes away from the mass produced sizes. If you’re in the market for a bed which needs to sleep someone tall but space is limited consider xl beds.

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