That’s right, you’ve worked hard to increase your muscle mass, but you cannot get those muscles you’ve sculpted for months to be visible. During the definition period, you will have to exploit your potential to realize what your physique really is. For that, it is important to establish an appropriate basis to define the body without endangering health. Both in training and in your diet, you will have to follow some rules to lose weight without risk Top 10 Fat Burners.

If you want to lose fat , the energy you consume will have to be higher than the contribution of calories. Therefore, defining the body is to reduce the caloric intake in the diet and increase energy consumption with physical exercise. You should set a reasonable goal so that you do not lose muscle mass too: try to be 1 kg per week. Of course, each person has their own metabolism and we are not all equal at the time of eating, this is the way of life … Hence, the diet will vary from one person to another. Some will lose weight right away, while others will take longer to lose weight and should adapt their diet.


It is the method recommended by many nutritionists, which consists of eating more times a day, instead of three copious meals. This idea may seem strange, because many of us have been educated about the existence of three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not worry; you can consider these other two supplementary meals as mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

The most effective means of increasing the metabolism (i.e. burning the calories consumed by the body as an energy source) by means of food is to divide the daily caloric intake into several lighter and evenly spaced meals throughout the day. In this way, digestion is increased and the body absorbs nutrients and calories better, apart from favoring the recovery process.


Ending fat does not mean that we should drastically reduce our calorie intake. While it is the best solution to lose weight, it is also the best way to say goodbye to muscle mass . Our advice: do things progressively and decrease the amount of food reasonably.

Keep in mind that, if you want to lose weight by limiting the loss of muscle mass, the distribution will be: 30% of calories from proteins, 20% of lipids and 50% of carbohydrates. Remember that fats are essential for the proper functioning of the body and that eliminating them can expose you to a risk of suffering a lack. Therefore, never lose 10% of caloric intake.


As part of your attack plan to avoid starvation during your weight loss diet: choose foods that will satisfy you. Fortunately, they are the ones that do not make you eat too much or make you gain weight and whose fibers the body does not absorb. Which are? Cereals, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables … and many others.

Check the table on the satiety index (IS), because it will be very useful for you to choose between different foods from the same family that have a similar energy value and to opt for the one with a higher IS. Of course, try not to abuse foods with a high satiety index and opt for those that have a good IS-calorie ratio, that is, higher than 1.5. In this way, between a turkey steak (IS / kcal = 1.81) and a hamburger meat with 5% MG (IS / kcal = 1.41), it is preferable to opt for the turkey.


Carbohydrates should never be suppressed in the long term. Unlike simple carbohydrates or fast sugars, with which you can catch weight if consumed in large quantities; the complex carbohydrates are converted into sugar which, in turn, provides energy for the whole day. A real fuel! Those slow sugars are found in foods from whole grains, such as wholemeal bread, oats, muesli or brown rice.

Only it will be necessary to adjust this contribution of slow sugars in the diet in function of the results of the thinning. If you lose too much weight, you should increase the low glycemic index carbohydrates, or reduce them if you just lose weight. Avoid the consumption of carbohydrates at night to avoid storing them in the form of body fat. It will be better to opt for foods rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates.



We will never tire of repeating the benefits that proteins provide for muscle building. Once again, in the period of body definition, eat as many quality proteins as possible at each meal, without abusing! These proteins help preserve muscle mass, are more satiating than carbohydrates or lipids and require more energy to the body to transform into fat. It is also advisable to vary the sources to increase the absorption to the maximum: you can complete the animal proteins, for example, with vegetable proteins from starches or legumes.