The 5 best exercises you can do if you intend to burn fat

There are many good reasons to exercise. But one of the most basic objectives is to burn calories and loses weight. The best way to do it is by choosing something that you like enough to do regularly without getting bored. You can choose between swimming, ‘running’ or football. If there are several different activities that you would not mind practicing you can choose the most energy consumptive Performix SST.

The Mayo Clinic, based on research published by the National Institutes of Health, has classified 36 forms of exercise based on their caloric impacts. In this list you will find the five that burn fatter per hour and with which those kilos that accumulate will disappear quickly.

Each exercise shows how many calories disappear per hour depending on your weight (90 or 70 kilos). The average Spanish citizen has a normal weight. Specifically, 46.7% of the male population is within what is considered appropriate.

However, up to 60% have problems finding their size, when this only happens in 40% of cases when we talk about women. This is the conclusion of an anthropometric study prepared by the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia. The exact figures vary according to body type, sex, age and other factors. If you really want to lose weight, talk to an expert about what your ideal weight is and maybe it will also help you with food.



In addition to burning 683 or 548 calories depending on your weight, this sport is a great option for those who want to improve coordination, balance and concentration. The muscles of the lower frame are especially strengthened, although when turning, braking or changing direction, the upper one is also used.

Aerobic resistance also increases and reflections are refined. It has almost the same benefits of ‘running’ with the added advantage that the joints, like the knees, do not suffer from wear and tear. Be very careful when you practice it because it highlights its high rate of injuries, due to bad falls.


This sport involves running, jumping, making quick movements, changes in speed … This is a work of aerobic exercise that results in burning calories and fat: and is that for every hour you practice this activity you can discard 728 calories if you weigh around 90 and 584 if you are in 70 kilos . Also, depending on your workouts, you will develop cardiovascular endurance.

It also favors mental development, increases your confidence, has many benefits such as strengthening arms, legs and wrists or the development of bone health. In this way you will reduce the likelihood of suffering injuries or slow down diseases such as osteoporosis.



Practicing this sport will burn the same calories as basketball. Running during the 90 minutes of the game (if you play one) improves the characteristics of your cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that soccer training for 2 or 3 hours a week can cause significant improvements in health, fitness, strength and endurance regardless of gender or age. One hour of this sport will cause you to burn between 728 and 585 calories.



Everyone knows perfectly that running is one of the best exercises to lose weight. If you go outside, try to have high slopes and streets on your route, although the truth is that it is much better to do it outdoors because the characteristics of the treadmill are not the same. So that running in the gym has the same benefits as doing it on the street , it must have an equivalent rhythm, that is, to resemble it as much as possible to do it outdoors ; that’s why lifting is very important .

In an hour you can lose about 755 calories if your weight is in 90 kilos and 606 if it is more or less 70. If you do it up and down stairs you would get rid of 819 and 657 respectively. In addition, if you do not see yourself capable of running a full hour, thirty minutes for five days a week could extend your life expectancy for ten more years, says a study by Brigham Young University in the USA.



Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beneficial exercises for health. It involves mainly the use of the extremities coordinating all the groups and also improves the resistance. Being such a complete sport is one of the best options to burn larger amounts of calories because water causes our movements to require more effort: the muscles work five to six times more than on land. In one hour you can burn about 892 calories if your weight is around 90 and about 715 if you get closer to 70.