Income Tax Attorneys

Income tax is a tax paid on any kind of income. Anyone with an income over a certain minimum limit is liable to pay a tax. Income tax attorneys advise on how much income is taxable and how to calculate standard deductions and any rebates that are available to a person paying tax. They also help in filing income tax returns Wage garnishment. Also, in case of criminal proceedings for income tax evasion or fraud, they fight on behalf of their clients.

Simply paying taxes is not enough, you also need to file the returns. This will help you see if you paid the right amount, or paid too little or too much. An income tax attorney can help you here by suggesting the correct payment to be made to avoid being charged with tax evasion or, conversely, whether you can apply for a refund in cases where you paid excess tax.

Many people are not aware of the income tax laws. Senior citizens may not know of special benefits accrued to them through exemptions and self employed people like freelancers, contractors, and consultants may not be aware that they need to pay a self employment tax along with their regular income tax. Consulting an income tax attorney in these matters always ensures that you remain on the right side of the law even while taking full advantage of the exemptions and credits due to you.

Income tax attorneys also fight cases of income tax fraud and evasion. They have expertise in representing anyone charged with concealing income, making wrong deductions, filing incorrect returns, tax evasion, or any other crime related to payment of income tax. They often reach a compromise out of court. Laws like \”innocent spouse\” allow the husband or wife of the charged party to be given some relief. Income tax attorneys take advantage of such laws to work out the best possible deal for their client.

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