DUI Attorneys Dispel DUI Myths

DUI attorneys are specialist in helping clients get to the truth of their DUI charges. They work with their client to gather evidence about the officers track record, the equipment efficiency record and the events of that time period to dispel any ideas about fault to have charges reduced or dismissed.

Although being distracted while driving can turn out to be a deadly vehicular offense, a DUI charge isn’t always applicable Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer. There are many reasons why a driver may have been moving erratically. He or she may have spilled something, they may have been on the phone, they may have been falling asleep, preoccupied with thought of other distracting drivers or obstacles in the road. To be quite honest, a DUI attorney isn’t surprised when their clients just openly admit to them that they didn’t have any alcohol that day, they are just not always the best driver. But the officer was adamant and there was nothing that he or she could do besides show up for their day in court with legal defense and any evidence that they could use to support their claims. DUI attorneys work with their clients to gather as much evidence as possible.

The evidence gathered will have to points of focus. On one hand, the DUI attorney will focus on the officer. He or she will look at the officers training to spot and test drivers, whether the drivers adheres to standardized regulations or judgment calls, how reliable they have been in the past, the history of faulty equipment. Faulty equipment can be the result of the heat in that area; if it is not stored properly or tested regularly, the tester won’t incorporate calibrations for the temperature change and it won’t be reported properly, for example. Then there is the driver who may have consumed medications that read as alcohol on the breathalyzer device. Truly the dividing line that the lawyer will pursue all of the reasons the equipment could have given a faulty reading which would make it no one’s fault in the end. All of the evidence is presented as leverage to help in reducing or dismissing the charges of driving under the influence.

On the other hand, the DUI attorneys will focus on their client’s condition during the time leading up to and at the point they were pulled over. There are many factors that can influence unsteady driving and wobbly road side sobriety testing. General health and emotion can intervene with exhaustion, stress, anxiety from being pulled over or they are just a bad driver. Just because the officer thought the driver seemed to be under the influence doesn’t make it true and that is what DUI attorneys are specialized to be able to handle.

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