How to Control Pests in the Car?

When our passion is driving a car, then our interest should be to keep it clean and tidy. Keeping the car neat without any pests inside the vehicle is the most tedious job for all the car owners nowadays Pest Control in Fort Myers, FL.

Below are few commonly found pests inside the car, which creates an unpleasant driving situation for the drivers.

Body lice
Flea from our pets
Rats & Mice

The list goes on, depending upon the surroundings of the car.

We might have heard a few accidents even, due to the pests in the car which caused damage to the car parts, and sometimes drivers get scared seeing the pests in the car which cause accidents.

There are few pest control methods followed to get rid of the pests in the car. The techniques are quite simple and easy to follow in our day to day life with small efforts to it.

Parking area means a lot

Considering the parking area is a vital point to keep in mind when we think about pest control in the car. The point is there are possibilities of rats/mice & cockroaches to get inside the car if the vehicle parking is done near any drainages or muddy places. They get into the car to feel the warmth of the engine when the car is started.

These pests cause severe damages to the car parts like biting and damaging the wires, making the car mats untidy and stinking by their wastes, sometimes making holes in the cars.

Once we find any visibility or symptoms of pests inside the car, then it is advisable to take serious steps to get rid of the pests before it causes any damage to the vehicle and its parts. So, contemplate the parking area as one of the vital points for pest control in the car.

Wash your car regularly

There should be a schedule with you to wash your car frequently. It is not cleaning the car at home softly; it is about cleaning the car with high pressure of air and water. Spinning the car with the cleaning equipment will kill the pests inside and outside the vehicle. Sometimes, pests stay outside the car, also in parts like fenders, bumpers, wheel wells, and the list goes on.

Do take the cleaning schedule of the car seriously to avoid pests.

Vacuum to avoid risky pests

Vacuum the car regularly. Vacuuming is a straightforward method that can be done by oneself without depending on a service provider. A simple vacuum cleaner can be used to clean up the food crumbs after a long drive, especially when we take kids in our car.

A vacuum cleaner is mostly advisable when we use cloth upholstery inside the car. Cloth upholsteries might seem to be less expensive when compared to the leather upholsteries, but regular cleaning has to be taken care of for cloth upholstery.

Usage of insecticide or trap for pest control

When the damages are going to be severe due to pests, and you spotted the kind of pests inside the car, then the use of insecticide or trap is advisable to get rid of the pests. Below are a few traps and methods.

Bait trap – These traps are kept around the vehicle after the usage of insecticide. Bait traps are used to catch the pests like ants or roaches if they are still hiding in the car.
Sticky trap – If you plan to park the vehicle for long days, the sticky traps are placed around the car. The sticky trap might help to catch pests like even rats & mice. Since the trap is sticky, the place might become messy soon.
Diatomaceous earth – This is a kind of trap, powder in nature. The powder is sprinkled in and out of the car without any hesitation to get rid of the pests. The powered is not harmful to kids or pets like other insecticides. After several hours vacuum the car thoroughly to clean up the place.
Insecticide strips – Instead of using sprays and harming our family members, we can use insecticide strips to get rid of the pests. Strip methods are a dry and clean method of avoiding pests inside the car.
Fumigation – The same method which we use in our homes to kill the pests can be used in our car also. After fumigation, the vehicle has to be covered, so that the pests found inside are killed.

Try For Professionals to Trap the Pests

If you find trapping the pests in your car is a tedious process, call us for pest control professionals to do the work for you. Our VIP Pest Management – Pest Control Melbourne is one of the best pest control companies in finding out a solution for you at the doorstep for pest controls. Dial them and find your answer from VIP Pest Management professionals.

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