10 tips to increase Instagram followers

When it comes to choosing between the social networks with the greatest potential for beauty, health and aesthetic businesses, many owners continue to rely on the success of Instagram for their clinics.

What does a clinic need to succeed on Instagram?
We are going to list 10 useful tips that can help increase the number of followers and increase Instagram profile engagement for aesthetic and health clinics.

Use a content plan
You will have heard several times that “content is king”, and content is the most important element of your Instagram campaign female comments. You have to be punctual and regular when publishing. Using a content plan means that we will be prepared to know what to publish and when. Without it, things get much more difficult. Although it is advisable to publish good before and after images, for example, we will need much more variety to achieve success. A good content plan can help us know what to publish at all times and provide a variety of content that your followers will appreciate.

Invest in quality photography
As a visual social network, Instagram works when the quality of the photos is good. Therefore, investing in making a good design for our publication can really help catapult our Instagram feed to the next level. Customizing our clinic posts with some staff/clinic photos will be key to growth. The better these photos are, the faster your audience will grow.

Follow the competition
Following competitors, like other clinics and doctors, is helpful to take the pulse of what everyone else is posting and talking about. It is also advisable to follow Instagram accounts that can inspire you with high-quality content. Improving our feed with good Instagram profile post ideas from other clinics can help us stand out and achieve success.

Use Instagram stories
Posting Instagram Stories is proven as a method to grow followers faster. This allows for greater visibility on Instagram for clinics in a natural way. Many users love this feature so much that they spend a lot of time on Instagram to see them. Use it wisely and it can be one of the most powerful weapons to grow your followers.

Use “fashionable” hashtags
There is no magic formula for using hashtags. You have to stay up to date with trends. Especially for hashtags that are very popular and topical. Try to locate and visit websites that provide lists of the best hashtags, but also take note of the hashtags your audience and top competitors are using.

Define an editing style
Your images have to be known and recognized for a certain style of their own. We know that Instagram offers countless options for editing images but it is not a good idea to constantly use different filters and styles as it makes the feed seem inconsistent and many followers may not like that.

Optimize your bio page
The bio page is very powerful and optimizing it with the right information is essential for success . Don’t be afraid to mix facts with inspiration, but do so sparingly as there are things that are best avoided. For example, although humor is a good thing, it is not universal and even less so in our activity, so, unless you are very clear about it, it is better to avoid it since it can make us have a less professional image. There are many other resources to draw on.

Interact and participate
Many people still confuse social media with issuing press releases. Posting content is simple, but social media is much more than that. Making comments, sending direct messages and responding to all the comments made to you will help you grow your audience even more . Good, close communication with your followers can create loyal ambassadors for your brand and they will help you by liking and commenting on your posts regularly.

These followers create the foundation for the success of your Instagram.

Post consistently
Many clinics publish when they can. But Instagram is all about being consistent. If you can only post once a week, that’s fine. However, avoid concentrating posts and then leaving the profile unattended for 4 weeks. If your followers enjoy your content, they will miss your posts and you will simply look bad if you are here today and disappear next week.

Post when your followers are most active
By analyzing your post statistics, you can identify the days and times when your audience is most active . Therefore you should post mainly at those times and you will likely see more likes, more comments, and a higher follow rate.

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