‘Green superfood’: What are they?


All the green smoothies, the green juices, the green powder of matcha tea are very fashionable …  although the doubt knows what they are. Specifically, what do they carry?

Yes, superfood green are green superfoods , exactly. Color classifies these foods within a group and thanks to this color and its properties; they are the ones that will offer us the benefits Green Superfood Powder.

Apart from powdered green tea, which has been popular since not long ago in Spain (although very old and used by Asian culture), the other greens are not well known as supplements (although they do eat food, of course) and there is no Many products marketed in Spain still.

We call superfoods foods that contain a high content of nutrients. These provide many health benefits. They are, specifically, foods that are in the line of food and nutritional supplements.

These foods are the most natural source of nutrients, many times better assimilable than the synthetic forms of these nutrients.


Commercially they are usually found in powder, both in cans and in single-dose envelopes. This powder can be used to take directly mixed with water or adding it to shakes, juices or other foods.

They can also be found in capsules, perhaps it is easier to take if the taste does not like it.

You can make cakes, bread or bars, but obviously they will be green.

Each brand has different concentrations and combinations. Some contain, for example, more green components, and others add pro-biotic or red fruits.


As it is superfoods, and a combination of several, depending on what it contains will have more or less functions, but in general we can define 6 main actions.

  1. DETOX

We hear about Detox as something fantastic to cleanse the body, some experts warn that detoxifying the body without measure can be dangerous, because we can lose toxins, but also the nutrients that are in small amount in our body and that are necessary.

A common component of greens is color and this color is provided by chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has oxygenating properties of the blood, helps eliminate toxins , especially metals.

However, not only are the benefits of green foods. These complexes usually contain other substances, such as the ones I mentioned earlier, that will help eliminate toxins.

When food excesses have been made or we are in full diet of thinning.

The cruciferous ones contain glucosinolates that stimulate the detoxifying enzymes.


The slightly higher pH in our body (alkaline or something basic) helps protect us from diseases and prevent the loss of minerals such as calcium and potassium, as it happens expressly when we are making a diet rich in proteins to lose weight.

The combinations of different superfoods help to alkalize the organism.


One of the most obvious functions is the contribution of nutrients and antioxidants . If it’s superfood, it  ‘s what it’s going to bring. It is a simple concentrate of nutrients, without fats, gluten or sugars.

High content of minerals provided by plants, including calcium, selenium.

High content of vitamins A, E, C and beta carotene.



If we manage to improve the intestinal transit and lose weight with them, when feeling lighter, it is also important the contribution of energy.

We are talking about foods with high concentration of nutrients, so they will also provide energy , which is lost many times when we are reducing caloric intake.

Especially spirulina and chlorella.

Many of these nutrients contain a high amount of proteins, being of vegetable origin, easier to assimilate.


It is an ideal contribution to improve intestinal transit, the foods that all contain.

These components contain high fiber content, so it helps improve intestinal transit, the cruciferous content helps protect the stomach of bacteria such as Helicobacter Pylori.

Products that also contain probiotics increase the intestinal flora, so it also helps transit. If it also contains aloe vera , it helps regulate traffic.

Fennel and mint also help improve digestion and prevent flatulence.


Depends on what is involved: powder, capsules or bars, will be taken in the morning, during the day or at night.

It is preferable that they are of organic origin:  if we are going to take a “healthy” product that is 100%.

They may contain more products than the green superfood , such as red fruits, vitamin C or lemon extracts, among many others.

It is also recommended, especially in people who are not used, to add them to a fruit smoothie , or that the product is flavored with a fruit flavor,  otherwise it is something “surprising” to take for its taste, obviously very green .

Personally I prefer to do it in the morning, in a large glass of water, although I know that some people prefer to add it to the water of the day’s drink and drink it all day in sips.

It can be taken at night. However, you should read the label before doing it at night, since one contains Maca or another product that can stimulate or alter sleep.