5 tips to recover once and for all the sexual desire

The sexual desire or libido is something that comes associated, normally, to the beginnings of a couple because it is when there is still much to discover the other and the monotony has not even poked the head Extenze Reviews.

What happens is that, with the passage of time, more stable couples have little or no mystery and fall, almost without realizing it, into the routine.

Although sex is not the central angle of a serious relationship if it is also true that it is important and dissatisfaction in this sense (by him or her) can lead to misunderstandings of the couple.

Good sexual health goes through talking with the other and being aware of the problems in order to treat them. For this reason, we wanted to make a compilation of all those tips that work so that in the bed there are still sparks despite the passage of time.


1- Use supplements. There are a few in the market and it is proven that they are very useful. For example, the maca. It is a natural medicine that is used to raise the female and male libido. At the same time, it provides energy and vitality and is a natural regulator of hormones. The same ginseng can also be beneficial because beyond being used for diabetes, it has been proven to be a good method against erectile dysfunction, thanks to its direct effect on the nervous system.

2- Stress has to be left aside. Although it seems silly the psychological part influences a lot in these cases and the more pressure a couple gets to recover the fire from the beginning, the worse. A good solution is to accept that things change (not necessarily worse) and experience new things that may attract both.

3- Prepare that special moment. You cannot pretend that things change if everything you do because something improves is the same as always. It does not hurt to organize an intimate evening, have some detail and help you with natural aphrodisiacs such as coffee or chocolate. Alcohol better relegate it because it tends to have the opposite effect.

4- Talk with your partner. Sometimes it is about other people’s issues that affect the relationship and the other, without knowing it, worries and creates a big problem out of nothing. You have to try to discover what happens to treat it.

5- Be patient, exercise often and consult a specialist if the situation does not improve. There is nothing to be ashamed of and it may be the ultimate solution that helps to save a relationship.