Tips to succeed on Instagram

Hundreds of people, especially young people, have taken advantage of this platform to make themselves known through photos and videos, and have thus managed to create their community of followers and become influential people.



Alejandra Echeverría began publishing topics related to fashion in her blog, some time later, she began to promote that content in Instagram and now has more than forty thousand followers. She explains that the main thing is to be constant and to be in contact with the users.

To increase your audience on Instagram buy instagram comments, interaction with followers is essential. This means that you must pay close attention to the feedback (reactions and comments) of the users, since only they decide if their content is attractive and useful. Some forms of interaction consist of asking questions in the publications and creating contests.



Tags, or hashtags, play an important role when it comes to disseminating, because they help the audience to find specific content and filter the information of interest. If you do a contest on Instagram, for example, creating a label for that activity will make it easier to find it. Mauricio Arboleda, digital coordinator of the advertising agency Creacional SA, emphasizes that hashtags are important because they help create a community that is not only local, but global.



For Alejandra, the quality of the image is vital, since this reflects the type of content and the excellence of it, and points out that although it is true that the number of photos that are published per day is important, many times people forget filter the content and end up publishing things that are not to your liking or style, and this harms the message and aesthetics of the profile.


Influencer, not puppet

With the fame in the social networks begin to arrive the brands interested in making collaborations.

Iamjotarias, by its name on Instagram (145 thousand followers), has had the opportunity to collaborate with several brands thanks to its visibility on social networks. The travel and fashion instagramer explains that the brands he works with have always allowed him to freely express his ideas when creating. “That is the best way to achieve the desired success, of course, without leaving out the perspective pursued by the brand.