The best way to care for the skin, according to dermatologists

Some women believe that to look smooth and healthy, they must spend all their savings on expensive creams. However, this does not have to be the case. Some tips and basic care will help you improve the skin and have an enviable complexion mole meaning.


1) Cleaning at night

At the end of the day, it is essential to clean the face to remove the remains of makeup, old cells, dirt, dust and bacteria. Hygiene helps the skin oxygenate, by removing obstructions that could clog pores. After the cleaning cream, it is suggested to wash the face with warm water.

2) Moisten at night

After cleaning, apply a lotion or moisturizing cream (which does not have too many aggregates), depending on the type of skin. It is recommended to use a product that contains retinol, peptides or growth factors for the night to repair the tissues.

3) Washing in the morning

At the beginning of the day, it is necessary to re-clean the skin to remove the toxins and fat eliminated while we sleep. In the morning, you only need to wash yourself with water. Do not overdo the cleaning, because you run the risk of removing the natural lipid layer of the skin.

4) Moisten in the morning

After washing the face, it should be nourished, so that the skin maintains moisture and elasticity. To do this, apply a moisturizing cream or nourishing lotion on the entire face and neck. In addition to maintaining healthy skin, it will help to have a luminous and soft face. And at the same time, wrinkles are prevented.

5) Use sunscreen

With clean and moisturized skin, only sunscreen is missing. Although you are not going to throw in the sun, just walk a few blocks so that the sun burns the skin and leaves spots, also increases the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, it is better to choose a protection factor of 30 up.

6) In case of acne

If you have granite, do not touch it! Tightening them can leave you a mark forever. If it is only one, you can apply a product such as salicylic acid, which helps dry it. But you must never squeeze it! In addition to the scars, when touching the pimples, they can spread to the rest of the face.

7) Beauty enters through the mouth

To have a smooth, luminous and wrinkle-free skin, hydration and diet are essential. Not only do you have to take care of the skin on the outside, it is necessary to drink water. In addition, you must follow a balanced diet: eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and proteins without fats.

8) For dark circles

More common in people who sleep little, the dark circles, have two components: edema (fluid accumulation) and pigmentation. To relieve edema and reduce swelling of the bags under the eyes, compresses of some decongestant can be applied, for example, chamomile tea. If the problem is pigmentation, consult the dermatologist.

9) To have healthy skin, do not exfoliate!

The proliferation of “exfoliating” products installed in women the habit of exfoliating the skin often. But for experts, this is a mistake. Creams with granules do not exfoliate and also irritate the skin.

10) Do something for the skin every 12 hours

To check how important the previous care is, it is recommended not to let more than 12 hours pass without applying some type of treatment or product for the skin (the sunscreen is valid): clean, treat, moisturize, prevent.