The 5 most useful tips for establishing study routines

It is essential that boys and girls of primary school age acquire study and learning habits that allow them to develop their skills and knowledge effectively how to build resilience in children. To do this, it is essential to establish a study routine at home that helps them organize and maintain adequate discipline. Here I present five tips to achieve it:

  • Create a study environment: Help your child create a space dedicated to studying, with a comfortable table and chair, good lighting and a quiet environment.
  • Establish a fixed study time: It is important to establish a fixed study time every day, so that your child gets used to having a stable and predictable schedule.
  • Prepare study materials: Make sure your child has everything they need to study, including books, pencils, paper, and anything else they need for their homework and school activities.
  • Organize work: Help your child organize their schoolwork and set daily goals. Let your child have some autonomy in planning her work, but make sure you are available to help if he has difficulties.
  • Positively reinforce: Encourage and positively reinforce your child when they meet their daily study goals. Celebrate his achievements and recognize his efforts. This will help motivate you to continue studying and establish an effective study routine.

Many families do not have the possibility of facilitating any or all of the above points, either because it is difficult to create an adequate environment in a house with a lot of noise or because dedicating time to planning the children’s work and monitoring it daily is very complicated when having long work hours. In Science Zone we are in charge of doing this work in the academic reinforcement classes. We have adequate spaces to study and carry out daily homework, having a teacher who helps them resolve doubts and provide the necessary follow-up so that they achieve that habit that will lead them to pass and, above all, to learn.

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