Want to buy a powerful pellet gun, but you don’t know which one to choose? Indeed, on the recreational shooting market, there are several dozen models of compressed air pistols. But, what are the most powerful pellet guns at the moment? To see more clearly, we reviewed all the models from the biggest airgun manufacturers Luftgevär. Result, find our ranking of the 5 references that caught our attention.

All the pellet guns present in this classification are on sale over the counter. They are part of category D. To purchase them, a simple ID document to prove your majority is sufficient.

The Trevox model is a compressed air gun produced by Umarex. This company of German origin specializes in the manufacturing of recreational weapons . The notoriety of this brand is recognized internationally. Brands such as Glock or Beretta have entrusted Umarex with the manufacturing of their weapons for the general public.

This model of compressed air gun comes in fifth position in our ranking. This Umarex Trevox pistol has much more shooting power than most pellet guns. Using Turbo Nitrogen (TNT) technology, it develops a power of 6 joules. Designed for recreational shooting, the Trevox pistol can shoot accurately up to 15 meters.

The Crosman American Classic pistol is among the most popular pellet guns in the United States. The reason for such popularity? This powerful pellet gun model delivers up to 8.5 joules . The handguard is used as a pump to inject pressurized air into the cylinder. This mechanism allows you to modulate the firing power.

So, with two pump movements you arrive at 1.7 joules. To experience full power, you will need to pump ten times. Crosman designed the American Classic model to be versatile. This gun allows for precision shooting , plinking or hunting small pests.

The manufacturer BO Manufacture attaches great importance to the Black Ops Soul spirit . More specifically to the clandestine operations of government agencies. To develop the Langley Silencer model , this manufacturer was inspired by the CIA headquarters located in the United States.

The Langley Silencer model represents the most powerful pellet gun in the break barrel category. To achieve this level of power, BO Manufacture has developed Performance Spring Piston (PSP) technology. This system consists of a very high performance steel spring piston. With each shot, the Langley Silencer air pistol delivers 10 joules of power.

Since 1976, the Artemis firm has specialized in the design and manufacture of compressed air weapons. Very attentive to its customers, Artemis quickly developed a range of pellet guns with attractive performances.

It is with the Artemis PP750 pistol that this company takes second place on our podium. To achieve a power of 15 joules , Artemis uses pre-compressed air propulsion. Better known as PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatics). The cylinder located under the barrel is filled with air via a high-pressure pump or compressor.

The most powerful pellet gun of the moment comes to us from Benjamin . A brand created by Crosman specializing in the manufacture of compressed air weapons for hunting. The Benjamin Marauder model is based on PCP technology. This pistol propels pellets in caliber 5.5 mm at more than 19.9 joules s.

In the United States, this PCP gun is intended for hunting small pests. As a reminder, in France, this practice is strictly prohibited. However, this level of power offers a wide range of uses: precision shooting or shooting at metal targets.

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