Piano Tuner Costs

How much does it cost? If your like my family and have had a piano for a while it will need some attention, but should not mean it should be expensive.

1.Your Piano was specifically designed to be tuned to the international pitch standard of A-440 cycles per second. Your piano tuner ensures that it will sound its best and give you and your family the most pleasure when it is tuned regularly and kept in proper playing condition.

2.A piano should always be kept clean! A yiruma piano Tuner or piano technician will tell you to make sure the keyboard covered when not in use to prevent dust from accumulating (although ivory keys need some exposure to light to prevent yellowing)

3.Piano Technician prescribes your piano maintenance WHY?, inside your piano you’ll find an iron plate with steel and copper-wound strings over a large expanse of wood which is the soundboard. If you look closer, you’ll discover an intricate system of levers, springs, and hammers connected to the keyboard which a piano technician regulates during piano tuning.

4. The piano’s hammer is used to strike a string when you press a key and is called by piano technicians, the piano’s action. The hammer and action is composed largely of wood and wool felt. Piano tuner ensures that this mechanism needs to be responsive to every nuance of the pianist’s touch

5.Pianos are adjusted to a tolerance of just a thousandth of an inch when the leave the factory. Piano Tuner and piano technicians call this process regulation.

6.Piano Tuner costs start at around $130 , although if you have left your piano for some time it may cost more. However Piano Tuner Costs can be discussed with your trusted piano tuner at the time the piano is tuned. There is some misperception that piano tuner costs are expensive. This is not true and a properly tuned piano, by a professional piano tuner is worth exponentially more to your listening and playing pleasure. Great. what now? To get your piano tuned in the Illawarra there are several qualified piano technicians. Ensure your piano tuner is accredited and lets you know what the costs are beforehand. Get a piano tuner to evaluate your costs if you are unsure of what to expect.

7. Whatever your make or model of piano regular maintenance saves costs over the life of your piano. To reduce rapid degradation of tuning and the action regulation try to reduce the humidity and temperature changes that your piano is submitted to.