Music for weddings. Choose the best option for your wedding

Over the years we build the soundtrack of our lives, music marks special moments and there is no doubt that your wedding day will be one of them band in bristol.

Organizing a wedding involves making many decisions that will mark one of the most important days of your life: the venue, the decoration, the photos, the food, the music… in a wedding everything adds up to make it a success for the guests, but especially for the bride and groom.

Music is part of our lives, so on such a special day, it is important to spend time choosing the music for your wedding. And this is where we come in, we help you find the best musical options for each event of the wedding, take note!

Music for the ceremony
The music for the ceremony, whether it is a civil wedding or a religious wedding, must be chosen with great detail. The guests will witness your knowing glances while you say the expected “I do” and the music, of course, will also play a very important role at this moment.

In the case of civil weddings, you have more options to personalize the ceremony to your liking, however in religious ceremonies it is more limited.

A string trio or quartet is a safe bet for any type of ceremony, although the repertoire will be broader for civil ones.

You can choose from a wide repertoire of classic and modern pieces . Among the favorite themes for ceremonies are Pachelbel’s Canon , Aria from Bach’s Suit No. 3 , Schubert’s Ave Maria , Albinoni’s Adagio and of course the Wedding March cannot be missed.

The modern repertoire is more appropriate for a civil ceremony, cocktail party or banquet. They have adaptations of current songs and legendary soundtracks such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s , Life is Beautiful , Wizard of Oz or La La Land . But we already talked about all this in our post about tips for hiring string trios or quartets for parties and events.

If you’ve always loved black music and your hair stands on end every time you hear a gospel choir , you don’t have to think too hard. In Spain we also have gospel choirs that have nothing to envy of those in American movies. You have it clear, right? A gospel choir is what fits you like a glove (and never better said).

We have advice for everything, after reading this article there will be no doubt about hiring a gospel choir.

The Rocío choirs are more ours . Everyone who has witnessed a wedding with a Rociera choir agrees on the emotion that permeates the atmosphere when they sing the famous Salve Rociera. Hiring a Rocío choir is a very emotional option both to celebrate the marriage rite and to continue the party at the cocktail party.

A cheaper option for ceremonies is to hire a solo musician such as a violinist, cellist, pianist or guitarist . Also, if you are thinking of organizing a wedding with few guests, it will help create the intimate atmosphere you are looking for.

The reception of the bride and groom
The Americans will have the gospel but we have the TUNAS . If we talk about prickly pears we automatically associate them with celebrations and they are a classic at weddings in our country. We can hire a prickly pear to accompany the bride, for leaving the church or at the banquet, we can even go back to the proposal.

If you like Celtic music, and especially for Asturians and Galicians, nothing will excite guests and bride and groom more than a group of bagpipers waiting for the bride and groom at the exit of the church. You will achieve the same effect with a mariachi group for lovers of traditional Mexican music. But this is a matter of taste, there are those who prefer the party of a charanga or the rhythm of the batucadas .

Something that civil weddings do not have is the expected departure of the bride and groom from the church, but both bagpipers, tunas and even brass bands are perfect for welcoming the bride and groom at the banquet.

Music for your wedding cocktail
It is one of the most important parts of the wedding, the interval between the ceremony and the banquet, the moment when families and friends come together, and in most cases they do not know each other. Music will help break the ice at your wedding cocktail party .

By now you already know that you have countless options with which to configure the music for your wedding. Any of the previous proposals would fit for the cocktail . Our advice, in addition to consulting repertoire, is to ask if they have different price packages for weddings, such as hiring music for the ceremony + cocktail, cocktail or ceremony only.

You can find more alternatives to liven up your wedding cocktail , depending on the taste of the couple or the theme of the wedding.

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