Make your own t-shirts – cool ideas

Playful designs and funny prints are great eye-catchers and look great in the partner look . Couples T-shirts are a trendy way to show the bond with the partner personalized couple t shirts. With your sweetheart on the side and in matching T-shirts, you will be assured of admiring glances. Whether for Anniversary, Valentine’s Day or as a sweet gift just like that, you can design a personalized design and even realize it yourself. Romantic lettering or sexy prints are a fashionable declaration of love and a sign that your heart is already taken and to whom it belongs. For the best couples in the world, we’ve put together a DIY tutorial and 11 of the best ideas for couples T-shirts.

Especially newly in love couples want to share their love happiness with everyone. Partner T-shirts for lovers are a completely new and trendy trend. Because for many, it is incredibly important that everyone immediately recognizes which partner belongs to him / her. Of course the two partners have to wear the pair of T-shirts at the same time. Couples T-shirts are for couples who want to show the world that they are the best couple on earth. Funny sayings and romantic prints make the garments distinctive and individual. Ingenious designs even tell whole love stories. If you attach great importance to fashionable harmony, Couples shirts with simple lettering are especially modern and stylish.

If you want a simple design, man and womanwell, then a quote may be the best choice. Couples T-shirts with “Hey / She is mine”, “Hubby” and “Wife”, “King” and “Queen”, “Mr.” and “Mrs.” can be made very creative when dealing with an extraordinary and playful font. In the following, we show a simple guide on how to design and label great pairs of t-shirts for yourself and your partner. But you have to get two T-shirts in matching size and good quality. The fabric should contain at least 80% cotton and not be very elastic so that it can accept the textile dyes well. In addition, it is particularly important to hit the right size, so that the lettering does not deform later and pulls. We recommend Basic T-shirts in a light color, preferably in white, but also in light gray and pure cotton to choose. In dark textiles usually a low opacity is achieved and the result is rarely satisfactory. All you need is suitable textile paint and a brush best friends t shirts online.

Couple makes T-shirts themselves – instructions

You can choose between two variants to attach the selected lettering on the fabric. You can either use a template or paint the spell freehand. The template requires a self-adhesive foil. You design the font yourself on the computer, for example in MS Word or another program, where you can choose between many fonts. Then you print the saying mirrored on the self-adhesive film and using a craft knife cuts out the letters very accurate and clean. So the template is ready. Now place the foil on the T-shirt and stick it in the right position. Then carefully dab on it with a sponge-stucco brush and textile dye. After a few minutes, when the fabric has already absorbed the color, you can remove the foil and, if necessary, repair it with a fine brush. After 24 hours, the textile dye must be fixed with a hot iron, so it is washable. For this place a piece of baking paper on the motif and iron gently on the back. Of course you have to do the whole thing with the two T-shirts. A great idea is such Design T-shirts for the whole family and wears them at the same time.

Alternatively, you can create a motif or saying with textile paint and a brush freehand. But you have to have a little skill and practice in it. If DIY and painting are not for you, then look no further than a beautiful design and have it printed on T-shirts in a textile printing shop. We picked 11 great designs.