Fun With Fox Cub Promotional Umbrellas

Fox umbrellas are available in around 70 different colors, so you can find the color scheme that is right for you company style and logo. Many companies choose Fox promo umbrellas because they know that whether they choose a bright pink or soft blue umbrella, Fox will effectively promote their business colors and logo. Some businesses pick an elegant black Fox Cub umbrella, and silkscreen their business logo onto the dome.


Fox Cub advertising umbrellas are very similar to the regular Fox umrella, except they have a superbly developed frame that resists wear and tear. The Hoyland Fox Cub umbrella is made of a solid wooden frame, which makes it a durable choice for bad weather and storm conditions.



With its springless wooden shaft and carbon spring steel ribs make the Fox Cub umbrella one of the best choices for a high quality umbrella that will last for years to come. The umbrella ribs are also storm resistant, so you can be sure that  your promotional tool will be a long lasting way to promote any product or service. Overall, Fox Cub printed umbrellas will provide protection in the worst weather conditions – even in strong winds or storm conditions, they won’t crack or break. This makes them an ideal option for businesses who want to give their potential customers a high quality promotional item.


The Fox Cub promotional golf umbrella has a sturdy wooden stick that lets potential customers use  the umbrella for a round of golf. The large dome will keep sun and rain away, and the bold logo silkscreening will ensure that your company message is seen by a number of people.



The Fox Cub promotional umbrella handles are largely what makes these umbrellas unique. Not only can you choose from a wide array of colors, but you can pick from a number of different handles. They have the large elm wood crook, the rubber golf grip, or beech wood and ash wood rounded handles. There are also a lot of colors of promotional umbrella handles: everything from royal blue to bright red. If you choose a basic black or white color for the umbrella dome, a brightly colored handle can be the perfect way to make your promo umbrella stand out.


The Fox Cub walking umbrella also comes with a wooden shaft and crook handle that makes this 18 cm umbrella a solid option for everyday use. The combination of quality construction, resistant frames, vivid colors and affordable price make Fox Cub umbrellas the first choice for many business searching for promotional tools. Starting at around $20, many business choose Fox Cub promotional umbrellas for the cost as well as the quality.

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