Electronic map the origin to be authentic

Media selection, the user can pick and choose according to their needs, often traveling in the environment of the poor road conditions, it is recommended that users choose to use the CF card or SD card, car navigation products survey equipment.

Enterprises to participate in the contention of the domestic GPS market is also the case mushroomed as private car ownership increased dramatically, GPS car navigation product is no longer a small number of professionals and explorers in the hands of a “fever” class equipment. Purchase of such high-tech products, consumers are often in a “little knowledge” of the state, prone to confusion and confusion. Now, let us to understand the 2012 latest Navigator buy knowledge.

Electronic map-based and core part of the navigator application, professional certification and detailed the amount of data that should have the basic elements of the “origin” of consumers in the purchase of navigation products, first of all want to check the electronic map. The person in charge of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping: electronic map and vehicle owners are closely related to travel safety, some pirated electronic maps wrong painted leakage painted, will give owners of travel trouble. According to state regulations, regular GPS navigation products must be used with the specialized agencies of the State-certified electronic map and August this year, there were only NavInfo, AutoNavi 8 navigation electronic map providers by the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, Navigation electronic Map of the certification. It can be said that the user to use a certified electronic map so for their own travel to buy an insurance. Assessment of the origin of electronic map, but also examine the connotation of the electronic map. In addition to the high degree of accuracy, professional, detailed navigation electronic map, can also provide the national road network map and detailed maps of major cities. Among them, the need as much as possible include streets, catering, accommodation, entertainment, transportation, and other information points.

GPS vehicle navigation products used in automobiles, the requirements of harsh environments, its technical quality are able to adapt to the car with the seismic, temperature and other characteristics. At present, vehicle navigation products for the mainstream media of stored electronic map data CF card, SD card and CD-ROM. Driving the car, due to the influence of external factors such as traffic, easy to make the disc is scratched, the map information can not be accurately read, and navigation products to the CF card, SD card media slot design, high stability, so seismic performance, Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality. under the relatively harsh automotive environment, protect the security of electronic map data it is more recognized by the user. In addition, a good GPS car navigation device should also have satellite navigation and positioning, intelligent route planning, full voice prompts, a variety of rich functionality to find the way route record, store waypoints, and machine installation give users convenient.

Satellite navigation and positioning in our country is in the development of the high-tech science and technology industry, only those in the market, hard years of the professional manufacturers, in order of protection products technology-leading advantage, at the same time also have funds and the strength of comprehensive, excellent the service protection for the user. products Three Guarantees, 24-hour service hotline, on-site maintenance, etc.


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