Does Sound Therapy cure?

What a great question! Does sound therapy really cure? Is it useful for anything? Are the instruments sacred and healing?

In this article I am going to reveal to you all these important questions about Sound Therapy, so that perhaps once and for all you will understand easily and from the essence, how Sound Therapy works sound healing certification.

The hallmark that defines me as a sound therapist and trainer is honesty and study, so nothing I write comes from invented magical stories, but from study, science and of course my personal experience during years of daily practice.

The first thing you should know is that no sound therapy instrument cures or heals your body, your mind, your emotions or your soul, and even less so does any sound therapist or sonotherapist . The healing, regeneration and balancing process is an internal process carried out by your own body.

Perhaps many or some sound therapists who read this will say that I am a blasphemer, that I am crazy, that I am throwing stones at my own roof. That is certainly not the idea, nor do I intend to offend anyone. I only intend to offer my reality, my way of understanding Sound Therapy .

Maybe after reading the article you will understand.

In the society in which we live, the speed of the rhythms of life, the constant bombardment of information, the fear that inoculates us from childhood, the traumas of each one… makes us live a life full of stress, anxiety, chronic discomfort and a lot, a lot of mobile screen that keeps us hyper excited and unfocused . All of this leads us to live in a continuous state of alert, of reaction.

In medical terms we would say that we have an unbalanced nervous system . It is necessary to explain a little and in a simple way how the nervous system works so that we can understand what is happening to us. The autonomic nervous system is made up of 2 systems: the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The first is the system developed so that our entire body reacts to danger, activates for defense and/or escape. When this system is active, our entire body, including our brain, focuses its resources on defense and escape. The book example is “run, the lion is coming.”

The parasympathetic system is responsible for stopping the sympathetic system, causing us to return to a state of calm where all the organs, the blood, our entire body and systems can perform their usual maintenance and development functions, such as purification and regeneration. . The nervous system regulates important systems such as the digestive, endocrine, immune, and respiratory systems…

Where do you want to go?

Simple and logical: our daily life means that our sympathetic nervous system is always activated or activated for a long time, which means that our body cannot carry out its normal maintenance or regeneration functions. An unbalanced nervous system is a guarantee of illness in the medium and long term . Doesn’t that seem logical to you?

At this point, sound therapy can help you. And, what can it help me with? It can help you balance your central nervous system.

And how does it help me? It’s very simple, a qualified and experienced sound therapist will play the instruments so that you enter a state of deep calm, a state of meditation, stopping your sympathetic nervous system. In that state of calm, of meditation, your body will rest and regenerate, your mind will calm down and you will see things more clearly, you will feel that messages are reaching you that previously your stressed and unfocused mind was unable to hear.

Sound Therapy helps the body and mind to reconnect to their original wisdom , the body is a perfect machine but we do nothing but prevent it from doing its job…we have become enemies of ourselves and physical or mental illness is like Our body screams at us.

Sound Therapy is a tool like there are many others to bring us back to balance, back home, to allow us to connect, to realize, to respect ourselves and take care of ourselves.

There are dozens of studies that prove the benefits of meditation. For people who cannot meditate, who have given up on it, Sonotherapy is a perfect tool to obtain similar benefits.

This article is just a brief outline from which dozens of topics can be developed that I will publish over the days, keep an eye on the news on the Blog or better subscribe to my Newsletter to always be informed.

If you would like to listen to sound therapy sessions with Tibetan bowls, you can also visit my YouTube channel School of Gong and Sonotherapy where you will find dozens of sessions of Tibetan bowls and also Gong.

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