Direct digital printing t shirts

Do you need to print multi-tone designs with photo quality? In that case, direct digital printing is the best option.

There are designs or illustrations that for the amount of details, gradients or photographic effects is very complicated or expensive to reproduce by textile screen printing, so we recommend the direct printing of personalized t shirts for women.

The digital printing is a rapid technique for small orders of custom t – shirts, because unlike screen printing, do not need prior preparation of fotolitos, screens and inks. A state-of-the-art textile printer prints directly on shirts, sweatshirts, bags or polos.

What are the advantages of printing shirts with digital printing?

  • We print from 10 units.
  • High definition and full color results with complex designs.
  • Bright and varied colors.
  • Short delivery times for small or medium orders.
  • Nice stamping touch, especially on white shirts.
  • You can print t-shirts online with very realistic images.

Not all garments are valid for direct printing: we recommend printing shirts of a certain thickness and quality. With the Regent t-shirt you will get a long-lasting top finish.

Although some time ago this technique of stamping shirts used to be used by designers, clothing brands or music groups to create merchandising, nowadays the prices are very competitive and much more affordable, so it can be used to create shirts for bachelor parties, clubs, associations or work clothes.

You can send us your designs in JPG, TIFF, PDF or vector format with the fonts drawn and always with transparent background. Although it is obvious to say it, to more image quality, better printing on your T-shirts printed with DTG.

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