Best SEO agency in Spain. 10 tips to choose the best one for web positioning

Choosing the best SEO agency for web positioning is a decision that requires analyzing a series of aspects that are often disguised and do not reflect the true reality seo services greenwood. Many companies that are dedicated to this business maintain old SEO practices that currently not only do not work, but harm and can lead to penalties. If you want to make sure you get the right decision, then we share 10 tips to choose the best SEO agency to position a web page.


  1. Your business

The best SEO agency takes the time to understand and assimilate the model of your business, goals and objectives, as well as your current position in the market for all of this, provide you with a professional orientation and jointly define the best marketing strategy.


  1. Internet Marketing or SEO strategy

An SEO Barcelona will have no problem describing the difference between internet marketing or seo strategy, so make sure you ask the company to detail your concept on these terms. What is most appropriate, start with the research of current keywords or analyze the competition?


  1. Analysis of your web

This aspect can also help you choose the best SEO Company, that is, if the company has already analyzed your site and has highlighted the problems of indexing, the number of incoming links, the profile of the online site, technical problems, etc. ., then we talk about a serious agency committed to the project.


  1. Look at your ranking on Google

Do a search in Google in incognito mode for the term “Web marketing” or something related to the positioning SEO Madrid, adding your city to determine what is your position in the search results. Ideally, that agency appears in the first search results, otherwise, how will you then position your site in the highest Google ranking?


  1. Search for the ranking of other clients

Ask them to give you a list of keywords of the competition to check the ranking of others of their clients. If you have doubts or a lack of interest in providing you with this information, it is best to look for another SEO since you probably have not achieved the best results.


  1. Your cancellation policy

What happens if in the future you decide to terminate the employment relationship with this SEO Company? Check your cancellation policy and check aspects such as removal of links or reduction of optimization on the page.


  1. Rankings and conversions

Find out if this SEO agency that you intend to hire for web positioning focuses on these two factors. In other words, what is your case if you do not offer to position your page in the main search results in Google or if it does not include a conversion strategy for the site?


  1. References and testimonies

This point is also fundamental in the selection of an SEO consultant, not only in terms of verifying the information, but also to learn about the process, the experiences of other clients and basically what can be expected when working with that company. Remember that SEO positioning is a long-term process that requires close collaboration and communication.


  1. SEO reports

Before hiring an SEO agency you should know how they are going to render accounts; Will they do it with monthly reports with all the detail of SEO management or will they do so through the acquisition of links? Find out if the results will give them in printed documents, send them by email or even if the company is willing to give you a test of their activities.


  1. Continuous update of the SEO team.

Finally, pay special attention to your SEO plans and techniques that you use, that is, is it an agency that keeps up to date with the latest trends in the search engine optimization segment? Are you always looking for continuous improvement? Are you interested in learning and research? Needless to say, but the online marketing industry is dynamic and changes almost daily, so if you notice that you are using obsolete practices or methods, it is best to look for another SEO company   that is updated and constantly seeks to improve.