5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve SEO

When we talk about internet searches, 85% of clicks are made on organic links and only the remaining 15% on paid links buy facebook comments. Therefore, it is essential for your company to have a good SEO strategy and to be able to appear on the first page of results when your potential clients search for products or services related to your sector of activity.

SEO, or web positioning, is an element often neglected by many companies, but potentially very beneficial if things are done well and details are taken care of. But how can you ensure your appearance when someone searches? Although there are several elements that must be worked on inside and outside a website to improve SEO, today we are going to focus on an aspect that is often maligned and forgotten: social networks .

In addition to your website, local addresses, and having a good corporate blog; Social networks ( social media ) are key to your SEO ( search engine optimization ) strategy. Strategic use of social media will help more content about your business appear in search engine results.

Below we leave you these five SEO tips to help your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ position well on the results pages .

5 strategies to improve SEO on social networks


A friendly URL for each social network will allow you to easily optimize your pages for organic searches. If possible, each URL should contain your company name.

If you have a very common name, perhaps the url you had in mind is already being used. Alternatively consider adding your location to the url.

Make sure the URLs of all your social networks are as similar as possible. This will not only make it easier for customers to find your company name on the Internet, but will also give consistency to all your separate pages.


If you want your company’s social media profiles to contribute to improving the SEO of your website, the more information you complete in these sections, the better. If you need advice, you can contact the Blackbeast agency ; They will help you.

It’s important to optimize areas of your pages where people expect you to talk about yourself, and what you do, like the typical “ About Us ” section.

On the other hand, update the “ Information ” section of each social network to describe, correctly and in detail, the services or products that your company offers. Be sure to include two or three keywords that your potential customers use when searching for this type of product or service. You can use Google’s keyword tool to find keywords with good search volume, but low competition.

Finally, if the social network in question allows it, include a link to your website , which will help create external links to it and improve your positioning in organic searches.


Most of your potential clients are looking for a company like yours within a specific geographic area (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Lima…) This means that including geographic markers, such as your physical address as well as the cities where you provide services, can give you extra points when it comes to improving your company’s SEO.

You can add local keywords to content areas like the about section, event listings, or special offers .


Daily posts on your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can affect how well these pages rank on results pages. In addition to static sections of your pages, create content that engages your audience, such as images, videos, infographics, surveys, events, and special offers that your audience is willing to share.

The more fans and followers interact with your company, the more authority you will create on each social network . The most important search engines consider this authority as an increasingly important factor when determining how well to position your page or social profile. Social profiles with little interaction (even if they have many followers) will contribute little or nothing to your SEO strategy . While very active and dynamic profiles can be a real boost to your SEO strategy.


Search engines favor web pages that feature fresh, up-to-date content . Posting constantly and frequently on all your social networks will help these social pages rank in search engines.

It is important to track your social posts to see their results. For example, many businesses see success on Facebook when they post five to ten times a week .

On Twitter, you can try using hashtags (#), which provide a 21% improvement in engagement with the brand’s audience when using a maximum of one or two posts.

Search engines consider many factors when ranking your social media pages organically. These are just a few. By applying these simple tips you will contribute one more grain of sand to build good positioning in search engines and improve the SEO of your brand or company.

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