5 quick recommendations to improve your Internet sales

If you want to take your company to the big leagues of e-commerce, these recommendations from NTT Europe Online, a company specializing in Internet solutions, will help you increase your online sales.

Any online store that wants to succeed must comply with certain basic characteristics: focus on customer satisfaction, ensure security on the network and have a reliable platform available 24 hours a day, seven days a week shopyspy.


  1. Install a scalable platform that reacts with the increase in traffic, and that can guarantee full availability during periods of high consumption, such as due to special dates, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas.


For the success of online sales, companies must have a platform that provides reliability and complete availability to support peak traffic. The use of intelligent content distribution services allows caching static contents and rich media format to reduce the load on the web infrastructure and to deal with sporadic periods or peaks of high content demand, giving much greater visibility to the web in search engines.


  1. Security is of crucial importance. The introduction of banking data and personal data are common and the client needs to feel that they can trust the website. The use of reliable and updated security devices will ensure the security and protection of data.


  1. The search engines prioritize in the ranking the websites framed in the geographical area of ​​the country (those with a local IP address), so local hosting is especially important if the site does not have domain based on first level country codes. This is basic to achieve a good search engine positioning, which will significantly increase visits to the web.


  1. Websites are no longer an object; they are living organisms that interact with customers. To make your site more attractive and for the customer to have a satisfactory experience, NTT Europe Online recommends improving and expanding the content on a continuous, daily basis. There are also tools that help to disseminate information more effectively and others capable of growing platforms immediately such as virtualization can be used this technology in a timely manner for a specific campaign or as property of the platform.


  1. For the proper functioning of the business, the website must be agile, innovative, and proactive and continuously introduce new products and services to meet the needs of customers.