What to give to your child’s teachers: we give you 17 original ideas

Gifts made by students

This type of gifts is usually the most demanded because they involve children in their performance and the economic cost is very low. The main problem is that it requires punctuality on the part of the children (who must deliver the material on time) as well as involvement of the parents in charge in their preparation and presentation pupnpaws.

Some examples of this type of gifts are:

  • Album of photos and clippings, that collects the best moments of the course and dedications of the students
  • Frame / picture with group picture or an illustrated picture that appreciates the work of the teacher during the course
  • Boxes, bottles or boats with messages, dedications or poems of the students. The pieces of paper can be folded in the form of combs tied with a ribbon, airplanes, and boats or simply stored inside individual envelopes with the name of the student
  • Video recorded by the students, where each one of them sends a personal message to the teacher
  • Drawing made by all students that symbolizes what they learned during the course or a feeling linked to their teacher. We loved this picture that represents a tree that grows strong-symbolizing the education received-made with the fingerprints of children
  • Song with personalized lyrics sung by all children
  • Story written and illustrated by the students. You can tell a daily story that occurred during the course, an anecdote or simply a fable that all children create

Gifts for personalized teachers

This type of detail combines practicality with personalization in the form of dedications or emotional messages, so that when the teacher makes use of it, he always remembers who gave it to him.

  • Cups, key rings or personalized magnets with the name of all the students, some dedication or simply the academic course and the name or group of the class
  • Cushion, towel, vanity case, blanket or cloth bag with the names of the children, the prints of their hands or a dedicated drawing
  • Personalized jewelry with children’s names written by themselves, such as bracelets, pendants or bracelets

Uncustomized Gifts

There are parents who prefer to make a gift without personalizing so that the teacher can use freely without the condition of being marked with names or dedications.

  • These types of gifts are very practical for those who receive them and very comfortable and quick to manage for parents who are responsible for their purchase, but obviously the essence of why is lost.
  • They can be simple details, such as a set of pens, a key ring, a book or a purse
  • Or more sophisticated gifts of greater economic value such as a jewel, a watch or a spa and beauty treatment

Flowers and sweets

And a traditional gift that never fails is flowers and sweets. We can give conventionally a large bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates, or choose to customize and even provide a creative note in detail, such as:

  • Basket of sweets or pastries with personalized wrappers
  • Lucky cookies with a dedication per student inside each cookie
  • Pasta made by children with the initials of their names or cans to store bread or personalized cookies
  • Plants in a pot decorated or painted by the children themselves
  • Personalized gardening box, with seeds and messages of thanks