Ways To Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

Huge amounts of views, likes, and comments on an individual video is a wonderful thing, and a great ego boost for any creator. But we’ve lost count of the number of channels who have been active for years, and whose view count vastly outnumbers their subscriber count. Why is that an issue? Well, if you are a brand or a creator using video as a marketing tool then, as with any other medium, you need to build a loyal fan base. Anyone can watch your video, but not everyone will have the inclination to subscribe so they can engage further with your brand. And, YouTube confirms that subscribers tend to watch twice as much video compared to users who don’t subscribe. What more incentive could there be? Of course, you could strike lucky and attract hundreds of thousands of subscribers on the back of one great video, but getting back to the real world, buy youtube comments cheap here are 11 ways that you can generate more lovers of your channel.

#1 Use Annotations to Drive Subscriber Sign-Up

If you want more subscribers then you need to ask for them! Believe it or not, not every viewer that likes your content will think to subscribe to your channel. They may bookmark you, or link to you in their blog or social feeds. They may even visit your channel everyday, but they won’t always commit to subscribing, so prompt them by adding a strong call-to-action annotation to your video. At ReelSEO, we usually add this towards the end of our videos, often in the end-slate, but use your analytics data to determine the best spot for you.
#2 Get Active on Social Media
YouTube isn’t an island (as a famous poet once didn’t say), and you won’t give yourself a chance to build your subscriber base if you don’t venture outside its walls. There are a couple of ways to do this. buy youtube comments cheap firstly, make sure that your social networks are linked to your YouTube channel so that your fan base can follow you wherever you may be active. Sounds obvious, but we are still seeing a lack of a cohesive strategy when it comes to social video marketing. You can assume that your followers, and potential followers will take the time to find your presence on the internet, or you can make it easy for them, and provide links.
#3 Follow a Consistent Posting Schedule
If your viewers know that you will post a video around the same time every day, or every week, or every two weeks, if they want to watch then they will tune in. The more they do this, the more likely they are to commit to your channel. So, decide if this is viable, and if it is then let your viewers know – and stick to the schedule!
#4 Optimize So You Can Be Found For Keyword Searches
At the risk of sounding like a broken record (remember them kids?), optimizing your video content to get found in search, means that you’ll get found in search. If a user wants the best apple pie recipe ever, then that is the key phrase they will probably use to find the most relevant video. If you truly believe that you have the best apple pie recipe ever, then tell YouTube via your title, description, tags etc. A great search result = great video = more subscribers.

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