The best gifts for a golfer

When we released our gift guide for golfers yesterday, one of our readers, Pepe Crespo, told us that he could not find a swing anywhere, that after all is what we would all really like. In our last part we will try to give him and all of you alternatives just for that, to find a swing that will allow us to get closer to the field. As for the balls and sticks gifts for golfers who have everything, which are also very popular gifts, you will not have to wait long to be aware of the latest news, as soon we will make a guide like the one we presented at the beginning of 2013.


  1. Classes. Yes, the first option is so obvious, but not many people dare to give away some classes in the player’s preferred field. It is a good gift for several reasons: you do not have to change your life too much to receive them; they usually have an economic price (depending on the field) and could be the beginning of a better relationship with this sport. To play better this is essential to know the technique and its fundamentals, as simple as that. Those who achieve it at their own risk have much merit, but good classes are the best shortcut that exists to lower the handicap. It is enough to talk to the professional of the club and I am sure that you do not have many problems to present it in the form of a gift (it is better for them).


  1. One year subscription to the PGA Digital Golf Academy. We discussed it in the month of June and, at least, a server has had the opportunity to try it. It is a paid YouTube channel in which several of the best professionals of the PGA of America give us advice on different areas of the game, from the putt to the swing, through the bunker, complicated lies, draws, fades … Everything, even tips for the gym. It does not replace classroom classes, but as a complement to better understand how the golf swing works, they are a great help. And yes, to improve a little study is necessary. They are only 27 dollars for a whole year.


  1. Fitting. It would be scary to catch ten players at random and see if they really have sticks adapted to their needs, this is: length, weight, rod, and degrees … All this is handled by fittings. A good man arrives at the practice court and, with some devices; he tells us if he can improve our game just by changing the material we use. In Spain there is a suitable center for all this, the Taylor Made Performance Lab, which we already talked about here. If going to Madrid is somewhat annoying, sure that in your club you can get in touch with the representatives of various brands, which have their own employees to make the fittings. Another good option is Enrique Puente, who makes some great putt fitting.


  1. Technical books. We talk about them in our first part of the gift guide, but we leave you with several that could help you: Five lessons of Ben Hogan, The little red book of golf , Golf is not the game of perfection or those of Stan Utley , Dave Pelz , Dave Stockton , John Jacobs or Andy Plummer and Michael Bennet . If you have doubts about which is the best option for the recipient of the gift, the first three are perfect, but you can always ask your teacher (if you have one).


  1. Training devices. If you already have a good teacher and what you need are ways to optimize your work, that is, make the most of the available time available for golf, here are several gadgets that could be of great help.